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CARROT Hunger is a smart calorie counter with a mean streak

In their efforts to trigger mass market adoption, most health-tracking apps and tools go out of the way to be nice to you. After all, who wants an app which publicly shames you for gorging on unhealthy food, or choosing…

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Apple Teams With New Ad Agencies To Counter Samsung Threat

When you’ve got $ 158.8 billion in the bank, there’s not a huge amount you need to be envious of. But while Apple is beating rival Samsung on both the quality of its products and adverts, it is perhaps losing out…

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Apple Fans Unite To Counter Protest Westboro Church in Cupertino [Photo]

The hate-mongers of the Westboro Church are out with their profane placards in Cupertino today, as we said they would be.

Right now, they�re outside Cupertino High School, where Justin Li snapped this pic of a counter protester dressed in all black (is that a Jobsian turtleneck?) and sneakers with a sign making a mockery of the church member�s display.

Later, Westboro has said it will try to ruin the Steve  [Read More…]