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Apple sued over counterfeit app claims

Apple is being sued by China’s second biggest insurance company over claims that it allowed a “counterfeit app” to be sold in the iTunes App Store. The app in question misleads users into thinking it is the official app of…

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Speck Sues Counterfeit iPhone Case Maker For Millions


Speck is the Trojan of iPhone cases: you might not want to wear one, but they’re everywhere, and it’s better than going bareback. Speck’s colorful, buttony cases are pretty much ubiquitous, and one of the most easily recognizable iPhone case brands out there.

In fact, Speck is so recognizable that there are aapparently counterfeit Speck cases on the market… and Speck is so honked off about it that they are suing the  [Read More…]

The Perfect Hard Disk Enclosure for Your Macs External HD If Only It Wasnt Counterfeit

We�ve seen some pretty desirable counterfeit accessories for our Macs before � such as that delightful little card reader from MIC Gadget that featured a glowing Apple logo � but unfortunately, Apple drops its�banhammer�on them before we get chance to buy them.

It looks like the Cupertino company has done the same thing with this little gem, which could be the perfect hard drive enclosure for your Mac.

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Apple Is On The Hunt For Counterfeit Goods In New York

Image courtesy of International Business Times

In a bid to rid New York City stores of shoddy counterfeit goods, Apple has reportedly cracked down on a number of businesses that are selling fake accessories � seizing items found in its raids and demanding that companies change their names if they�re too similar to that of the Cupertino company itself.

Recently discovered court documents reveal an Apple lawsuit filed against Apple Story Inc.,  [Read More…]

Counterfeit Steve Jobs Selling Tea In Taiwan

You May have seen a cloned Apple Devices. Many Companies have been working on that. But there is only one company who managed to come up with a cloned�Steve Jobs .

The Fake�Steve Jobs�is advertising for tea instead of any electronic device, The�California�based company which the fake�Steve Jobs�is shown is giving you the chance of wining an�iPad 2�when you purchase the product of�Tong Yi Cha.