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Popcorn Time, the Netflix for Bittorrent, is coming to iOS “within a couple days”

I’m a huge fan of Popcorn Time, the Mac App that lets you stream torrents to your Mac and even (if you’re a Windows user) to your Apple TV. The one thing Popcorn Time doesn’t have is an iPhone or…Read more ›

“Occasional” Photo & Video Ads Coming To Instagram In Next Couple Months

InstagramWhat you’ve always dreaded is about to come true. Get ready for ads in your Instagram feed. Facebook’s photo sharing giant confirmed today that photo and video ads are indeed on the near horizon. Expect to them “occasionally” start appearing within the next couple months. We have big ideas for the future, and part of […]

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Couple To Celebrate Steve Jobs Day By Getting Married At Apple Store

To celebrate Steve Jobs Day this Friday, Erica Montelongo and Gunter Zieber are getting married at their local Apple Store. Gunter admired Steve Jobs and this is how he wanted to celebrate Steve Jobs Day, said Montelongo, 34. And when you add inTiffany and Co., how could a girl say no? The couple plan to get married at 5PM at the Apple Store Bellevue Square in Washington, near Microsofts campus.  [Read More…]