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How Steve Jobs’ high school covered the Apple II launch in 1977

Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak revolutionized the computer world with the invention of the Apple II, but back in 1977 when they created the unbelievably simple home PC, few people realized the enormous impact it would have on the “small… Read more ›

How We Covered The Mobile World Congress With iPhones And Eye-Fi [Feature]

Last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, a curious, unexpected thing happened: I used an Eye-Fi Mobi card to shoot and share photos from my camera to my iPhone and it worked – almost flawlessly. As regular… Read more ›     

Hate iOS 7′s Dock? This New Jailbreak Tweak Has You Covered

In iOS 6, the dock was a glass shelf. In iOS 7, it’s far more abstract: a blurry transparent layer over your wallpaper. Some people love it, some people hate it. If you’re one of the latter, and you have… Read more ›     

Wondering What Happened ‘On A Day Like This’? This App Has You Covered

On A Day Like This — Reference — $ 0.99 On A Day Like This is a brand-new app that fills you in on significant events for any day you choose. You just swipe in the date you want, and you…

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Like A Leica-Like Leather Case? iLuv Has Your iPhone 5 Covered [CES 2013]

CES 2013 bug LAS VEGAS, CES 2013 – It’d be easy to believe that CES is totally about the press, but the real reason its here is for device makers to hawk their wares to dealers, store chains and so on.

And that’s what’s happening at the iLuv booth, which this year has a neat Lightning iPhone dock (more on that in another post) and this super-stylish iPhone case.

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iPhone Ringtones Covered On Acoustic Guitar

Da-duh-duh-da-duh-duh-da-DUH-duh. So goes the familiar tune of the iPhone’s default Marimba ringtone, as recognizable (and yet not nearly as annoying) as Nokia’s Gran Vals.

And yet what if you want to mix things up a little, but not too much? Greg Pierce, the wonder-developer at Agile Tortoise – responsible for Drafts, Terminology and others – has done the hard work for you, re-rendering iOS’ alert sounds on acoustic guitar.

Marimba is great, but you can also  [Read More…]

The Cellhelmet Is The Only iPhone Case That Guarantees Your Device Is Covered [Review]

The Cellhelmet also comes with a 12-month accidental damage warranty.

The cellhelmet case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a one of a kind. It�s the only case that comes with a 12-month accidental damage warranty that covers the device itself. Drop your iPhone while it�s in a Cellhelmet and if it breaks, makers cellpig will have it repaired or replaced for free.

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Come This Time Tomorrow, 75% Of The U.S. Population Will Be Covered By Verizons 4G LTE Network

It’s starting to look like Verizon will hit its 400 market goal well before the end of the year. With plans to unleash yet another wave of 4G LTE rollouts, Verizon will hit the 371 mark by tomorrow. While some markets are already seeing 4G LTE, tomorrow’s scheduled rollout aims to add 34 new markets and expand LTE in another 38 markets. At the very least, this news reminds me why I’m  [Read More…]

Chill, Jailbreakers! i0n1c Confirms That The Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak Is Already Covered

Image courtesy of Christian Bryan on Flickr

If you thought untethered jailbreaking was dead, then think again. i0n1c, the jailbreaker behind the iOS 4.3.1, 4.3.2, and 4.3.3 untethered jailbreaks, reports that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is already �covered� � days before the release goes public. Apple�s iOS 5 firmware is set to launch this Wednesday, October 12, and many thought an untethered jailbreak was no longer possible. According to a  [Read More…]

Windows of San Francisco Apple Store Covered in Fan Tributes

This is what the San Francisco Apple Store looks like tonight. Fans have plastered the windows in sticky-note tributes. Here�s a Twitter search listing some of the other store memorials popping up all over the world. Photo by patr1ck.