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More Evidence Of Apple’s Crackdown On Apps That Recommend Other Apps


App Store apps that recommend other apps are getting pulled left and right. Following the removal of popular titles like AppShopper and AppGratis, it was reported last month that Apple was beginning a widespread crackdown on apps that work similarly to the App Store itself.

Now another instance of Apple targeting app sharing services has been reported. 

PocketGamer doesn’t have the best track record (previously claimed that Apple was going to  [Read More…]

Android Isnt Free: Google Licensees Might Face Global Crackdown Over Linux License Violations

Google, along with a number of other companies who distribute the Android operating system, could be without the necessary license required to distribute Linux-based software and may therefore be using the operating system unlawfully, potentially at the risk of a complete shutdown of the Android OS.   Heres the deal in a nutshell. Googles Android OS is built upon Linuxs source code, which is under a GPL license. GPL licenses insist that  [Read More…]