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Stylish cases to cradle your iPhone 6, according to you

We got a lot of great feedback from last week’s minimal iPhone 6 case roundup. Many of you suggested other cases to check out, and we got so many good recommendations that we decided to share them with everyone. Not…Read more ›

14 weirdest speaker docks to ever cradle an iPhone

Your iPhone’s speakers suck. No amount of magical design from Jony Ive can change the laws of physics to give those itsy-bitsy tweeters earth-shattering bass, but plenty of acoustic iPhone docks are willing to try. We’ve seen a menagerie of speaker docks over the…Read more ›

Cradle your 3DS in this classy cocoon of leather goodness

Of course you have the Nintendo 3DS in your bag — it’s an outstanding handheld gaming system with a bevy of first- and third-party game titles that range from the strategic to the evocative. You know the device is capable…Read more ›

New iPhone Video Cradle Dubbed Swivl Tracks Your Movement

Shooting photos and video of yourself on the move (or having a non-stationary Facetime chat) is about to become a lot less challenging. Introducing the automated solution to your iPhone videography needs: the Swivl. True to its name, the Swivl is a compact, hands-free cradle that makes it possible for your iPhone to track your movements as you shoot video. How does it work? According to the manufacturer, all you do is attach the sensor  [Read More…]

iPhone Cradle for Golf Club Aims to Improve Swing

Have you spent so much time with your iPhone and other cherished iDevices in recent years that you’ve fallen behind on the links, causing your golf game to suffer immeasurably? Now there’s a new tool that may be able to help. And, yes, it involves your iPhone. I’m referring to iPing, one of the most innovative golf accessories we’ve seen in a while that’s getting a lot of attention from golf pros and amateurs alike.  [Read More…]