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Apple’s new iPhone SE crams the latest specs into a tiny shell

Buying a smaller iPhone doesn’t have to mean settling for disappointing specifications anymore. With its new iPhone SE, Apple is packing its latest features and technologies into a compact shell to provide those who prefer smaller screens with the very best it has to offer. The iPhone SE looks almost identical to the iPhone 5s, but it’s an […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Xistera crams every iPhone photo accessory into single awkward package

Take the Xistera out of its box and you’ll be disappointed. It’s ugly as hell, like a cheap corkscrew, and it looks like it won’t really do much. But hidden in those graceless curves and eye-gouging corners is what a…

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Time Gap Crams Every Free-To-Play Game Into One [Review]

Ambition isn’t a bad thing, but it can get in the way. Time Gap by Absolutist Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: Free Time Gap is a free-to-play title that tries to be all free-to-play games at once.…

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This Gorgeous Concept Crams A 4.5-Inch Display Into The iPhone 6 By Killing The Home Button [Video]


While companies like Samsung have been busy making mega-huge smartphones with gigantic screens, Apple’s aim has been to keep the physical footprint of the iPhone the same while adding better features, like the iPhone 5′s 4-inch display.

If Apple wants to make an iPhone with a 4.5-inch screen though, it’s going to come with some big changes. However, Ran Avni has created an iPhone 6 concept that gives big display fans the  [Read More…]