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Tomorrow’s iPad 3 Event Might Be Crashed By iTV (But Not The One You Think)

Although bloggers and analysts refer to Apple’s rumored upcoming HDTV as the iTV just out of simplicity, there’s no actual indication that Apple would call it that. None. No one knows for sure if Apple’s even working on an HDTV, let alone what they’re going to call it. The only evidence that Apple might call an HDTV the iTV is US Patent Patent No. 2011/0154394 A1, which has a solitary  [Read More…]

My MacBook Crashed and Now I Can’t Reboot the Computer [Ask MacRx]

  A crashed computer is one life’s annoyances. A crashed computer that you can’t subsequently reboot becomes a bigger headache. Sometimes the battery in a laptop can be the culprit: My Macbook froze out of nowhere. I have only had it for a few months. I purchased it new. I tried pushing the restart button and option/command/esc (what it says in the manual to do) but none of that works. My mac is totally unresponsive. What should I do? Thanks  [Read More…]

Auto Restart Your Crashed Or Frozen Mac in Lion [OS X Tips]

Mac OS X Lion adds a new feature that helps your Mac recover from crashes or freezes. I’m not sure how well it works since my Macs don’t crash all that often, but Apple built it into Mac OS X Lion so I might as well use it.   Open System Preferences, launch the Energy Saver control panel and look for Restart automatically if the computer freezes. If you want  [Read More…]