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iOS mail exploit might let phishers snatch your Apple ID credentials

iOS security researchers Jan Souček has discovered a new bug iOS’s mail client that could trick users into accidentally giving attackers their AppleID and password. The Mail app exploit was discovered at the beginning of 2015, and Apple’s engineers were…

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Make Sure Your Credentials Are Up To Date, New iCloud Password Security Rules Are Tight

Make sure you have what you need to restore your password.

Having a tough time remembering your iCloud password? Do you rely on iForgot a bit too much? Well, according to a new post at MacRumors, you may be in for a world of hurt should you try and call Apple to get your iCloud credentials reset.

In the wake of the Mat Honan hack last month, Apple responded with both temporary  [Read More…]

QuickWiFi Web App Allows You To Share Your Network Credentials The Easy Way

Install this theme yourself: http://brdrck.me/wifi/theme/vue

Jeff�Broderick, the designer behind the beautiful iOS Settings Home screens shortcuts we detailed weeks ago, has released a new web app for easily sharing a secured network with multiple users. QuickWiFi is a simple web interface that lets you distribute your network credentials with others via a verified WiFi profile.

With QuickWiFi, you no longer need to give everyone on your  [Read More…]