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This Tinder clone keeps the creeps off your iPhone

If you’ve ever used Tinder, the swipe-to-reject dating app for iPhone, you know there can be a lot of a creeps on the service, especially if you’re a woman. The Grade is a new Tinder-like app that aims to change…Read more ›

5 classic horror movies that’ll give you the creeps this Halloween

In case the giant bags of candy on prominent display at every store that sells food didn’t tip you off, Halloween is coming up. Some people celebrate by dressing up and going to parties or scoring free sweets from their…Read more ›

All your base does not belong to upcoming tower defense game Alien Creeps HD

Listen up, soldier! The aliens are headed our way and it’s up to you to keep them out of our base. You’ll have access to a variety of offensive towers that you can upgrade along the way, as well as…Read more ›

Badland Halloween Update Creeps Us Out Even More At 99 Cents

Innovative iOS game, Badland, just updated with a new Halloween theme, four new multiplayer characters, and a new level. In addition, the update drops the price to $ 0.99, giving us all a chance to discover the scary action for 75…Read more ›

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Ride-Sharing App SideCar Passenger Sort Of Creeps Us Out, Ok?

Theres a whole new class of app these days centered around lending out cars, bikes, and even homes via iPhone apps like AirBnB, Relay Rides, Getaround, and others. They allow people looking for a short term rental car or living space to connect with other people who have spare space or vehicles and pay a fair yet small fee for doing so. It seems like a good idea, on the surface.  [Read More…]

Hide From Creeps With RingShuffles Extra Phone Number [Daily Freebie]

Ever faced with one of those situations where you need to give out your phone number, but you feel a bit iffy about doing it? RingShuffle is a free app thats ideal to have on your iPhone for exactly those occasions. It works pretty simply: Pick one of three numbers RingShuffle makes available to you, and give that number out; you can even pick a number from a different area  [Read More…]