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How to Crop Video on Mac with iMovie

If you have ever recorded a video or movie and found that some of the surrounding frame is unnecessary or irrelevant, you can use an editing function to crop down the video to focus on what should be the focus of the movie. This tutorial will show you how to quickly crop a video on … Read More

How to Crop an Image in Mac OS X with Preview

Cropping is an essential image editing function, helping to improve composition of a photo, to emphasize the focus of an image, or to reduce unnecessary parts of a picture. While many Mac users use third party tools to perform image cropping, no additional apps are needed to perform the task in OS X, because the … Read More

Crop And Constrain Photos On Your iPhone Or iPad For Better Pics [iOS Tips]

Here’s how it looks on the iPad.

One of the best tools in a photographer’s editing kit is the crop. Finding the best part of a picture and cutting out all else is a fantastic way to make an ordinary picture into a great picture.

You can do this right on your iPhone or iPad with the Photos app. Here’s how.

Open the Photos app with a tap, and then tap on  [Read More…]

Pentax Q Lens Adapters Add Crazy 5.5x Crop Factor

For just $ 300, you can render your Leica and Nikon lenses almost useless

Pentax� tiny mirrorless camera, the Q (full review coming next week), is an odd beast. Like Nikon�s 1 series cameras, it has interchangeable lenses which are inexplicably paired with a point-and-shoot-sized sensor (0.43 -inches on the diagonal). And now, with some new lens adapters, you can make it a little bit odder.


The adapters come from  [Read More…]