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Wearables aren’t flying with the IT crowd

A new study suggests that the increased popularity of wearables like the Apple Watch and fitness trackers in the workplace is giving information technology professionals the willies. IT tool and service provider Ipswitch polled 288 workers who feel like the burgeoning devices might present some problems, especially if they’re connected to company-owned Wi-Fi networks. 53 […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple replaces JT and Jimmy with The IT Crowd for U.K. iPhone 6 ads

Apple’s iPhone 6 ad campaign featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake has churned out some of the company’s funnest ads in years, but to put a British twist on the commercials, Apple’s getting some help from The IT Crowd. Chris…Read more ›

iPhone 6 resellers crowd out Apple fans at front of lines

SAN FRANCISCO — Since Apple won’t be selling the iPhone 6 in China for some time, early buyers of the smartphone have an opportunity to make a quick profit by reselling the hot handset on the gray market. The first…Read more ›

Check Out The Insanely Huge Crowd That Showed Up For Apples Grand Central Opening [Photo]

Holy crap. Check out this photograph of all the people who queued up for the opening of Apples new Grand Central Terminal location, as photographed by Fortunes Philip Elmer-DeWitt. Youd think this was an iPhone 5 launch! Also interesting to me: look at the number of Apple Geniuses on hand. Most stores would be lucky to have that many customers at once, let alone need that number of employees to  [Read More…]

The Under 44 Crowd Prefers Smartphones, But Everyone Wants An iPhone [Survey]

Photo: drewbeck/flickr

According to a recent survey, if you own a smartphone in the U.S., youre likely younger than 35 years old. By contrast, if you are older than 45, a basic feature phone is likely your preferred handset. Welcome to the Smartphone Generation Gap. According to Nielsen researchers, 62 percent of adults age 25-34 who own a mobile phone use smartphones instead of feature phones that provide basic voice  [Read More…]