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This weird Digital Crown fix will make you fear for your Apple Watch

My Apple Watch is getting a little crufty. I wear it every day, including when I sweat a lot, as during a run, for example. As such, the Digital Crown started to get a little tough to turn. It took…

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 steals Apple Watch’s digital crown concept

The Asus ZenWatch 2 smartwatch certainly has something familiar about it, right? The latest Android Wear device to be shown off at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Asus’ new timepiece sticks by and large to the form factor of…

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Here’s how Samsung’s trying to seize Apple’s Digital Crown

Samsung today rolled out its new smartwatch SDK in preparation for “the next generation Gear device,” and it confirms one of the wearable’s biggest selling points (and Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown) — a new rotating bezel. Samsung’s…

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Apple might allow you to customize the Apple Watch’s digital crown

Here’s a small detail you might have missed about the Apple Watch. In pictures for the Apple Watch Edition, the 18-karat solid gold version of Cupertino’s upcoming wearable, the Digital Crown has a small dot at the end that matches…

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Next Samsung smartwatch may copy Apple’s digital crown

Samsung has released six smartwatches in the past year, but now that Apple is coming out with its first timepiece in 2015, the South Korean smartphone already has plans to copy Apple’s Digital Crown with its own spin. The first…

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Auki Steals The Crown As Best Quick Reply Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone

My biggest qualm with the stock Messages app is its lack of a quick reply feature. A new jailbreak tweak called Auki was released yesterday at JailbreakCon, and it works like the Messages app Apple should have made in iOS…

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Pincase Reclaims iOS Pinboard Crown With Awesome 3.0 Update

Today brings a big update for users of Pushpin, the already-excellent Pinboard bookmarking client for iOS. V 3.0 brings a sweet iOS-friendly look (it really does look great), plus a proper iPad interface, plus… well, a lot. Let’s taker a…

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Android May Be King, But User Loyalty Will Help iOS Steal Its Crown [Report]

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 16.24.42

Android may have the edge over iOS at the moment, but by 2015, there’s a chance Apple’s platform will have stolen the crown. And it’s all thanks to customer loyalty.

According to new research from Yankee Group, iPhone owners are more loyal to their devices and therefore less likely to stray to competing platforms. There’s a large percentage of Android users, however, who have plans to switch when  [Read More…]

iPhone Winning Against BlackBerry for Enterprise Crown

BlackBerry loses its enterprise title to the iPhone.

BlackBerry is a common smartphone type for business personnel. The iPhone on the other hand was always behind BlackBerry in the enterprise world. Until now. The iPhone is now taking leads on BlackBerry for enterprise users. It’s not hard to understand why either. With iOS increasing support for many services thanks to our trusty App Store developers, the iPhone is outshining any other App Store market in the  [Read More…]