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Apple has crucial deal in place to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple has come to a preliminary agreement with China UnionPay to introduce Apple Pay in China through UnionPay’s point-of-sales network. The deal — which builds on this week’s report that Apple Pay will be coming to China by February 2016 — will help UnionPay and Chinese banks to fend off third-party payment services like those belonging to Alibaba and […]

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As crucial deadline approaches, Apple finally explains how Apple Music works

With just days to go before free Apple Music trials start to expire, Cupertino is finally getting serious about explaining exactly how its streaming music service works. A new wave of “guided tour” videos demystifies Apple Music’s functionality and features — but will this marketing and educational push be too little, too late to stop […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung Stole Apple’s Ideas At Crucial Time, Expert Says

How do you convince a jury you’re owed $ 2 billion in damages? If you’re Apple you hire an MIT-trained economist to do it for you. While the patent war between Apple and Samsung continues to rage, Apple on Tuesday called…Read more ›

Chipotle iPhone App Receives A Most Crucial Update, Really

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.06.43 PM

Mmmmm… Chipotle. Nothing quite does it like a good burrito from the best Mexican grill around.

Did you know that Chipotle had an iPhone app? Well it does, and that app allows you to order from your iPhone and skip the line when you arrive to inhale your burrito goodness. It’s a beautiful idea, but the app itself has not been so beautiful for the past few  [Read More…]