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Apple Music crushing it with 11m subscribers

Apple Music may have attracted criticism from some big name Apple pundits recently, but it’s still killing it when it comes to gaining subscribers willing to give its free trial a go. According to a new interview with Eddy Cue, Apple has secured 11 million trial members so far — with 2 million of these opting for […][Read More…]

Apple Watch crushing competition on mind share

Pretty much everyone knows about the Apple Watch, according to a report from data-collection developer SurveyMonkey. The company asked 417 people questions about Apple’s marketing and smartwatches in general, including presenting a list of companies and asking, “Based on your…Read more ›

Chromecast and Roku are crushing Apple TV

It’s been over two and a half years since Apple TV was updated, and while Apple’s been happy resting on its laurels, its biggest competitors are passing it by. Google’s Chromecast is now more popular than Apple TV, reports Parks…Read more ›

iPad is crushing all its Android rivals combined in web traffic

Forget about a close run race — the iPad is absolutely obliterating Android tablets when it comes to web traffic stats. The data, which comes from Chitika Insights, looks at the distribution of Web usage across leading tablet devices for…Read more ›

Makers Of Candy Crush Saga Crushing Any App With ‘Candy’ In The Name

If you have the word Candy in the name of your app, watch out. King.com Limited — the makers of the hypnotically popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga — is gunning for you. They have trademarked the word ‘candy.’ Developers…Read more ›    [Read More…]

IDC: Apple’s iPad Is Mercilessly Crushing Tablet Competitors [Report]


Three years after the first iPad, and a worthy contender has yet to Surface (pardon the pun).

Apple is leading the post-PC revolution, and the numbers prove it. Research firm IDC has released its results for the fourth holiday quarter of 2012, and tablet shipments were threw the roof. The iPad is leading the way with 43.6% market share. Samsung and Amazon are trailing behind in a distant second and third.

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