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Fandroids are crying over Apple’s Move to iOS app

Android fans have made it clear that they are not happy that Apple’s first-ever app for Android is an undisguised attempt to get them to pack in their Samsung Galaxy S5 or Moto X for a shiny new iPhone 6s. Since debuting yesterday in time for the launch of iOS 9, Android lovers have “awarded” […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Video Shows Spoiled Kids Crying On Twitter Because They Didnt Get an iPhone For Christmas

(Warning: video is NSFW) All I wanted for Christmas was an iPhone. Thats it. But my parents went off and bought me a stupid Kindle Firethose dumb bastards. Actually Id be pretty happy with receiving a new Kindle Fire, and I already have an iPhone 4S with the fancy camera and everything so I dont need a new one of those, but apparently a lot of people were disappointed on Christmas morning when they didnt unwrap a shiny new iPhone.  [Read More…]