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Pop culture blows it when it comes to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is often portrayed as an egotistical tyrant in the books, movies, and documentaries that try to encapsulate the Apple CEO but according to someone who was both one of Jobs closest friends and a bitter rival, pop culture has totally blown it when it comes to portraying Steve. Former Apple CEO John Sculley […][Read More…]

Apple means culture: Taylor Swift, hot new patents, and Siri’s response to 9/11

Another week flying by here at Cult of Mac headquarters, and we’ve got a ton of great stories to share with you in the latest issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Taylor Swift made waves with her calling out the…Read more ›

Apple’s on the hunt for music masters who know their pop culture

iTunes might currently be flagging compared to rivals like Spotify, but it seems that Apple has some big ideas to bolster its music services — and unlike many companies in Silicon Valley, they’re not going to be based solely on…Read more ›

Angela Ahrendts Embraces Apple Culture In Online Post

The question of whether she lives up to her enthusiastic advance billing as “the most important hire Tim Cook has ever made” and even the “future Apple CEO” is yet to be answered, but one thing’s for certain: outgoing Burberry…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Author of Inside Apple Talks Apple Corporate Culture and Secrecy [Video]

Adam Lashinsky, the author of the newly released book Inside Apple: How Americas Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works, recently appeared on an episode of InDay Speaker Series to discuss his work. The interview is about 50 minutes long and covers the corporate culture of Apple, how some internal processes work, and their legendary secrecy. If youre interested in the business side of Apple, its worth watching the video below: Inside Apple is available from Amazon.com for  [Read More…]

Inside the Mysterious Culture of Cupertino

Click the image to open in full size. Adam Lashinsky ‘s latest feature story in this month’s Fortune magazine titled "Inside Apple" paints a picture of the Jobsonian Empire (flow chart above) the majority of us haven’t been privy of till now. Lashinsky’s uses a number of anecdotes as narrative force behind the piece. One of the more interesting stories involves an account of Jobs’ reaction to the botched MobileMe rollout in 2008.  [Read More…]