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Apple Watch apps kinda suck, but Cupertino hopes you won’t notice

At this week’s “Let us loop you in” keynote, Apple revealed a major shift in its smartwatch strategy. Tim Cook tried to dress it up by announcing new Apple Watch bands and a price drop, but the most significant aspect was what he did not say: There was no mention of third-party Watch apps. After […]

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Is the new Apple TV this year’s most exciting release from Cupertino?

The new Apple TV is here, and there’s no doubt it’s the best set-top box we’ve seen from Cupertino, with powerful new hardware and the tvOS operating system, Siri integration — and most importantly, support for third-party apps and games. If you’re into movies and TV shows, or playing the greatest iOS games on your big screen, the […]

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Ferrari boss thinks Cupertino will outsource Apple Car

It’s an open secret that Apple is building it’s own electric car, but according to the chairman of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, it’s unlikely that the company will actually manufacture the vehicle on its own. In an interview this morning on CNBC, Marchionne said that he believes the automotive industry is a space where Apple could […]

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The Apple Car looks more likely as Cupertino hires new execs

Project Titan, Apple’s hundreds-strong initiative to create a next-generation electric car, is continuing to ramp up. Word has it that Cupertino has just hired one of the industry’s veteran manufacturing executives to help push the so-called Apple Car to market.…Read more ›

Lights, camera, Apple: Cupertino makes music videos for Apple Music stars

Apple is getting one step closer to becoming its own record label by creating its own artistic content — having recently produced in-house music videos for top-name artists such as Drake, Eminem and Pharrell. The videos — which include Em’s “Phenomonal” and Pharrell’s…Read more ›

Apple Watch uses even Cupertino didn’t see coming

Early adopters of the new Apple Watch have had a few weeks with their new gadgets, and they’re having experiences that may not be worthy of one of Apple’s austere presentations. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t getting a…Read more ›

Patents suggest Apple TV wand full of Cupertino magic

The high-tech “magic wand”-style controller rumored to ship with the refreshed Apple TV this summer may be the culmination of close to a decade’s R&D on the part of Apple. Is this the “simplest user interface you could imagine” that Steve Jobs…Read more ›

Prototype iPad stolen in Cupertino home robbery

A “test model” iPad was stolen in a home robbery earlier this month along with other valuables. Suspects have been arrested, but the stolen goods have been found. “The robbers took the device, along with electronics, prescription drugs and cash…Read more ›

This is how much Cupertino relies on Apple

A previously quiet town in California, today Cupertino is synonymous with Apple in the same way that Redmond is with Microsoft, Compton is with rapper and Beats founder Dr. Dre, and Gotham City is associated with Batman. A fascinating new…Read more ›

Occupy Cupertino: Worker’s rights protestors storm Apple HQ

More than 100 protestors — consisting of unionized security guards from San Francisco, fast-food workers and members of other unions — gathered at Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop headquarters yesterday to protest working conditions for service workers in Silicon Valley, where…Read more ›