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Jony Ive will offer another peek behind Apple curtain at Vanity Fair Summit

Jony Ive seemed embarrassed when Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter started their interview by calling Ive the “greatest industrial designer in the world right now.” The Apple design guru closed his eyes, rubbed his head, and then provided a soft-spoken but enlightening 25-minute peek inside his head during 2014’s Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit. Wonder what […]

Apple’s New Store In Hong Kong Features A Massive 30-Foot Glass Curtain Wall

Apple’s been focusing their retail expansion overseas the last few years. They recently announced plans to build their first store in South America, and they’ve continued to open up new flagship stores in Asia.

Hong Kong already has two Apple Stores, but a third store is opening up in the Causeway Bay area this Saturday that is both massive and beautiful. The main feature of the Causeway Bay store is its 30-foot  [Read More…]

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic Will Take Place Behind The Curtain Of Three Different Apple Keynotes

Steve Jobs before unveiling the original Macintosh back in 1984.

Famed screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin’s background is in the theater, and started his career as a promising playwright before going on to write such films as A Few Good Men and The Social Network, along with television shows like Sports Night and The West Wing.

Sorkin’s theater background is worth keeping mind, given the latest revelation he has dropped concerning the plot  [Read More…]

Apple Lifts the Curtain on Lets Talk iPhone Banner at Cupertino Campus [Photo]

It�s getting close! With Apple set to hold its next media event on Tuesday, the folks in Cupertino have already put up a �Let�s Talk iPhone� banner outside of the Apple campus�auditorium. The icons on the banner match the invites that were sent out to the press last week.

As you can see, the venue resides at 4�Infinite�Loop. Apple�s�auditorium�only holds between 200-250 people, so expect Tuesday�s keynote to be an intimate affair.

  [Read More…]

Inside Apple: A Look Behind The Curtain At Steve Jobs And Apples Inner Working

Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the planet. They don’t (tend to) leak things, they don’t tell anyone what’s going on behind the scenes. But now Fortune has managed to get behind the curtain at the Cupertino outfit, and the stories coming out are intriguing.

Written by Adam Lashinsky and part of Fortune’s 500th issue and available now on iPad, the article explains some of the strange  [Read More…]

Apple Raises Curtain on First iPad 2 Commercial

Apple has debuted the first commercial for its second generation tablet… you know, just in case there are one or two people left on the planet who haven’t heard about it. Less than one month old, the previously commercial-less iPad 2 has already taken the global tablet community by storm, with near sell-outs reported in almost every country in which the product has been made available.

In the new TV commercial, Apple doesn’t roll out the red carpet for a  [Read More…]