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The life cycle from your iPhone’s point of view

I’m a sucker when it comes to upgrading to the latest iPhone, but like a lot of people I’ve stopped to think about how bizarre it is that new iPhones go from coveted items we’ll queue up for hours to…Read more ›

Sorry, fanboys: TRON light cycle could have been yours for $77,000

If you’ve been secretly longing to recreate that famous light cycle scene from TRON in real life, you’re now out of luck, as the only working model we know of has now sold at auctioneer Sotheby’s for a not-horrendous price…Read more ›

Wake Up Well Rested Thanks To Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock [Video Review]

We all have busy days and going to sleep at night is the perfect remedy for having to do it all over the next day. While regular alarm clocks can serve their purpose in waking you up, they can’t ensure…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apples New Annual Upgrade Cycle May Wreak Havoc On Schools

Apples announcement of Mountain Lion breaks with the past in a few ways including by announcing with out a major Apple event. One of the other changes is the news the Apple is moving OS X to a yearly release cycle like iOS. That may be a great way to introduce new features for consumers, but its likely to create problems for organizations that have a large number of Macs.  [Read More…]