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The Bling on this smart cycling helmet flashes for safety

The cycling helmet is often referred to as a brain bucket. It has kept many a melon in one piece after falls and collisions and there’s no smarter wearable for your ride. One helmet promises to offer more smarts. It’s called the Bling Helmet by LIVALL and it is aptly named because of how it […]

Gadget Watch: Shooting, cycling, charging and … toweling?

Gadget watch: Camping, cycling, cars and cameras

Film or digital? Campfire or BBQ? Car or bike? Cable or wireless? No matter which way you swing, this week’s gadgets have you covered. iPhoneographers can enjoy the Shoulderpod hand grip or slip the new iPad Olloclip onto their Mini…

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The Mission Cycling Wallet Keeps Your iPhone Safe And Ready To Use

The Mission Cycling Wallet is a lot like those iPhone card wallets you see all the time, only this one zips your iPhone safely inside, and lets it face out through a see-through screen so you can read it and use it without taking it out or opening the case. You can even use it […]

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Bike-On GPS App Is As Disappointing As Most Cities’ Cycling Infrastructure

Bike-On is a turn-by-turn GPS app for cyclists. Unfortunately, like a bike lane that dumps you in the middle of a busy intersection, it is half finished. And to continue the metaphor, you’re probably better off just using a car GPS app.

I tried the app on both an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini (non cellular, non-GPS) and it won’t work on either. Which is a shame, as it really is easy  [Read More…]

The ReeCharge Case Helps Transform Your iPhone Into A Cycling Computer [Review]

Take your iPhone along for the ride in the ReeCharge Case

If you’re more than a casual cyclist, you might’ve considered buying a bike computer to track the details of your rides. But did you know, if you own an iPhone, you’re only one cycling app away from already owning the bicycle computer you so desire.

But you’re also going need a way to keep your new iComputer mounted to your handle  [Read More…]