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Father’s Day gift guide: 9 ways to make Dad’s day

Tick tock! Time’s running out to find the perfect gift for your Dad! Let Cult of Mac’s Father’s Day gift guide take all the hassle out of shopping for pops. From Apple and audio gear to outdoorsy stuff that will…Read more ›

Toddler Buys Vintage Car On eBay Using Dad’s iPhone

FrankenspriteWe’ve all heard stories about children who spends hundreds — sometimes even thousands — of dollars in the App Store when their parents have their backs turned. But that’s not the only place they can spend money on your iOS device. Paul Stoute of Oregon learned that the hard way when his 14-month-old daughter purchased […]

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HTC President: Kids Hate iPhones Because Dads Have Them

Apparently, HTC thinks that iPhones arent cool anymore because parents use them. HTC US president Martin Fichter said in an interview today at the Mobile Future Forward conference in Seattle that kids and teenagers dont want iPhones anymore because dads have them. Martin Fichter on the iPhone hype: I brought my daughter back to college shes down in Portland at Reed and I talked to a few of the  [Read More…]