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Why Do I Get the Spinning Beach Ball Daily? [Ask MacRx]

Readers continue to contact us with questions about their Macs and iDevices, so we’ve decided to run Ask MacRx more frequently during the week. Today we address one of the most common questions for a Mac consultant, why do I get that spinning beach ball all the time? It seems like there is never a day goes by that I am not confronted with the Spinning Ball of Death, most  [Read More…]

Punch In on Your iPad, Track All Time Spent Working [Daily Freebie]

Most of us work, right? Because Apple makes great stuff, but most of it isn’t free. Which means you need money, and that means you’ll need to get paid for your time. That’s where HoursTracker Lite, and its iPad equivalent, HoursTracker HD Lite, come in handy. It does everything you need when you’re on the clock: easily punch in/out, track different types of jobs, total time worked by job description  [Read More…]

Seriously?! Nik Software’s Outstanding Snapseed Photo Editing App Free [Daily Freebie]

I was seriously shocked when I saw this: Snapseed, probably the most elegant iOS photo editing app at the App Store, has been knocked down from $ 5 — to zero. It’s free. It’s a real gem of a photo app. The interface is probably the most intuitive and easy to use of any photo app out there, whether iDevice or OS X. And it was developed by Nik Software,  [Read More…]

Set Your Head on Fire With AutoDesk’s New Mac App [Daily Freebie]

I can only guess how much explosive glee AutoDesk Motion FX — a new free app from AutoDesk, the developer behind AutoCAD and the SketchBook line of apps — would have engendered in me as a little kid, because I fostered a deep yearning to run around with a flaming hand or fire leaping from the top my head like some Ghost Rider clone. Good thing my parents kept me well away from matches and gasoline. The Motion FX method  [Read More…]

Canopy Camera Tools App Gives Away a Ton of Features for Free [Daily Freebie]

Yesterday, we reviewed Canopy’s Kapok camera system for iPhone 4; the free, feature-packed Canopy Camera Tools app is an excellent camera app and an integral part of that system — but it also works just fine by itself, without any extra hardware. Canopy gives you an amazingly generous quiver of photo tools in this app, the most impressive probably being the time-lapse function, with its robust selection of variables for  [Read More…]

Bongiovi Acoustics Launches Souped-Up Sound App [Daily Freebie]

Tony Bongiovi (yes, if the name sounds oddly familiar, it’s because you’re probably thinking of his cousin, Jon Bon Jovi) should know a thing or two about sound, hopefully; he’s had a hand in producing albums from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, and of course, his famous cousin. His outfit’s new app, Bongiovi DPS,  brings their particular brand of sound alchemy — technology that involves optimizing the digital file  [Read More…]

Use Your iDevice to Spy on Your Neighbors or as a Nanny Cam [Daily Freebie]

AirBeam is a clever little app that lets you output realtime video from one iDevice (camera-equipped, obviously)  to another iDevice on the same local network. The app usually sells for  $ 4, but it’s free today through Saturday. Resolution isn’t bad: 640×480 at up tp 30 fps. Certainly good enough to catch your cat stealing last night’s meatloaf from the top of the counter. It also works without much fuss;  [Read More…]

Watch Pirated Streaming of Apple’s Big Releases on the iPad [Daily Freebie]

That’s right  — the next time you watch a pirated feed bringing you announcement of the next iPhone (like, say, next month), you could be kicking back and watching it on the iPad, thanks to Ustream’s new iPad app. We’ve been waiting ages for Ustream to make their app a Universal Binary. Finally, last week, they did just that — and boy does it make a difference. An app like  [Read More…]