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Woz was just too damn good at Tetris

Before fingers throbbed from marathon Candy Crush sagas; before Flappy Birds zoomed across iPad screens from Palo Alto to Manila, there was Tetris and Stephen Gary Wozniak was its king. 30 years ago today, a Russian programmer named Alexey Leonidovich…Read more ›

The Best Damn iOS Games Of 2013 [Year In Review]

Look, gaming is a big thing, right? You can’t swing a dead cat in an ugly holiday sweater without hitting someone who’s busily involved in some kind of gaming screen these days, and iOS has the clear advantage with the…Read more ›    

The Lioncase Pocket Shield: Thin, Light And Pretty Damn Classy [Review]

b510ba6e04b66f..jpegPocketShield by Lioncase Category: Cases Works With: iPad Mini Price: $32 As ever, I shall start this iPad case review by reminding you that I only ever use a Smart Cover on either of my iPads, the mini and the Retina. And that on the occasions that I might be moved to use a case […]

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Damn You Android! We Want This Amazing Scalado Photo App

For once, there’s an Android photo app to make iPhone users jealous

When youíre snapping a tacky, cliched vacation photo, isnít it annoying that all those other tourists are buzzing around and generally getting in the way of that monument/handsome plaza/amusing statue? Short of climbing up into a bell tower and, well, you know what, thereís little that you can do to remove these scampering human ants. You could  [Read More…]

Okay Apple! Iíve Gotten My iPhone 5 Case So Where Is The Damn Phone? [Updated]

I went to the local Apple Store today in Friendswood, Texas at the Baybrook Mall to grab something and I came home with another unofficial Apple accessory from a Mall kiosk. Global Cell, Inc., a cell phone accessory store sitting just outside the Apple Store, sold me an iPhone 5 rubber case for $ 19.95 plus tax.   They had  [Read More…]