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China Mobile roadmap reveals iPhone 7c launch date

The biggest wireless carrier in the world may have just revealed when the iPhone 6c 7c will finally launch. Rumors of the iPhone 7c have been heating up the rumormill for months now, and with the device’s big unveiling supposedly just around the corner, it appears that China Mobile has accidentally confirmed to the world […]

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Pro Tip: Sort by date and app and never miss a Mac notification again

Like iOS, OS X has its own Notifications Center to keep you abreast of all the stuff going on in your world, from calendar events to reminders. Unlike iOS, OS X El Capitan defaults to a date sorting system that groups all your Notifications together by the date they were triggered. That’s super handy if […]

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Pro Tip: How to sort iOS Notifications by date

You know how it is — you unlock your iPhone with Touch ID so fast that you miss some important Notifications. You swipe down from the top of your iOS device’s screen to see what you missed and — ugh — you realize that your Notifications are sorted by app. How will you ever figure […]

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Apple car project accelerates with possible 2019 ship date

The Apple Car might hit the road a lot sooner than some experts predicted, according to a new report that claims the iPhone-maker plans to rev up hiring on its secret electric car project in hopes of getting the vehicle finalized by 2019. Leaders of the Project Titan have been given permission to triple the […]

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Possible iPhone 6s keynote and launch date revealed

With just two full months to go until the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are officially unveiled, a Chinese gadget blog has allegedly revealed the launch dates of both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus — courtesy of sources inside…Read more ›

Apple Watch Pricing, Pre-Orders, & Release Date Revealed

Apple spent a good amount of time detailing specifics about the Apple Watch product, revealing pricing, pre-orders, and a specific release date. If you’re still not sure what Apple Watch does, it does quite a bit right out of the box and will do more as developers work on more apps for the platform. At … Read More

Forget about asking Siri for a date this Valentine’s

If you’re feeling lonely this Valentine’s day, don’t think your favorite personal assistant will be there for you. In fact she’ll do anything to avoid saying ‘yes’ to your proposal. Check out what happened when we tried to take our working…Read more ›

Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie finally gets a release date

We’ve been waiting nearly three years to get a glimpse of Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic, and while filming is just getting underway in California, Universal Pictures has finally announced when we can expect to see it on the big screen.…Read more ›

iOS 8.1 Release Date Set for October 20

iOS 8.1 will be released for compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices on Monday, October 20, according to Apple. The update will include new features like Apple Pay, the re-introduction of the Photos app Camera Roll, the ability to interact with Macs running OS X Yosemite, and the update is expected to include many … Read More

Apple blocks ‘date trick’ loophole that allows emulators on iOS

A neat trick that allows old console emulators and other unapproved apps to be installed on iOS devices without jailbreaking is set to be wiped out with iOS 8.1. Apple has finally taken action against the “date trick” many users have long…Read more ›