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Ashton Kutcher’s ‘Jobs’ Film Delayed, No New Date Announced [Report]

It's gonna be a tough sell.

It’s gonna be a tough sell.

The Steve Jobs biographical film,”jobs,” starring Ashton Kutcher, has been delayed. Originally set for an April 19th release, the distributor, Open Road, feels like it hasn’t been able to create enough buzz for the flick before this date.

There’s no new release date announced, either, though it’s fairly atypical for a distribution house not to set a new one when the  [Read More…]

Five iPhone Dating Horror Stories That Will Make You Glad You Don’t Have A Date This Valentine’s

Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?

iPhone use and dating don’t really mix very well. Even if you follow our Gentleman’s Guide To Using Your iPhone On A Date, you’ll still probably do something really dumb if you try to pull out an iPhone on a date. Their feelings might get hurt. Heck, your feelings might get hurt. You’re both going to walk away more sexually frustrated than  [Read More…]

The Gentleman’s Guide To Using Your iPhone On A Date [Feature]

iPhone 5 fireplace

Don’t let your iPhone snuff out the embers of your love.

“I was only checking Twitter,” I exclaimed in shock, as she threw my iPhone across the room, shattering it against the brick wall.

“It’s either me, or the iPhone,” she emphatically declared.

I didn’t know what to say. I had only checked Tweetbot while she was looking at her menu. It had finally come to this. Now I  [Read More…]

Has Your iPhone Ever Ruined Or Saved You On A Date? [Let’s Talk]



Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?

My iPhone is magical. It can do all kinds of crazy stuff to help me with dates, like finding the best sushi place, directions to a park, and nearby events.

The problem with my iPhone being so damn fantastic is that a lot of times on dates I’m too engrossed with what’s happening in the digital world, that it  [Read More…]

Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Film Gets April 2013 Release Date


Are you ready for the glory that is Ashton Kutcher doing his best Steve Jobs impression? He’s got the hair. The clothes. An LSD lovin smile. And the smolder.

jOBS will make its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival to a select audience, but the Ashton Kutcher starred film will get a wide release in April 2013.

Ashton Kutcher is set to star as Steve Jobs in the jOBS bio-pic that  [Read More…]

The Dorktastic iPhone Theater: Don’t Even Think About Bringing A Date

I usually avoid posting about concept designs because most of them are so lame. But the iPhone Theater deserves a special mention, somewhat ironically for the very same reason – it’s so lame.

The design, which exists nowhere except in a CAD application, is a miracle of dorkiness. The headphones have a boom with a box at the end designed to house the lightweight iPhone 5, holding it at the optimal position to block  [Read More…]

Apple Pushes 27-Inch iMac’s Shipping Date Into January

Apple warned us that supplies of its new iMac would be extremely limited this year, and it hasn’t taken long for its initial stock pile to diminish. The 27-inch all-in-one, that was once shipping in “3-4 weeks,” now won’t be sent out until January via the Apple online store.

Apple’s original 3-4 week estimate would have meant that early orders for the 27-inch iMac should be shipped out before the end  [Read More…]

Redbox Instant By Verizon Launch Date and Pricing Details Leaked

Redbox Instant by Verizon, the Netflix competitor by, well, Verizon, just became a bit more real today, as details released onto the web.

According to GigaOm, the streaming video service will charge customers as little as $ 6 per month, have apps for Android, iOS, and Xbox 360, and will go live as early as December 17.

The service itself is currently in private beta, but the details, for  [Read More…]

Apple Posts Official Firmware for iPad Mini and iPad 4 Ahead Of Shipping Date

Mmmmm, firmware…

The first iPad Mini and iPad 4 new iPad pre-orders are set to arrive in customers’ homes on November 2, but Apple has posted the official firmware for both the iPad Mini and its larger brethren early.

You can get it from the site Is The Apple Store Down, which has all the iOS firmware available from Apple.

Download the firmware for the iPad mini here: iPad 2,5 version 6.0  [Read More…]

Make Sure Your Credentials Are Up To Date, New iCloud Password Security Rules Are Tight

Make sure you have what you need to restore your password.

Having a tough time remembering your iCloud password? Do you rely on iForgot a bit too much? Well, according to a new post at MacRumors, you may be in for a world of hurt should you try and call Apple to get your iCloud credentials reset.

In the wake of the Mat Honan hack last month, Apple responded with both  [Read More…]