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Dating app Blume makes sure your amour isn’t a fake

Online dating services promise plenty of fish in the sea. They just can’t stop the catfish from biting. But the pretenders might not have the same luck with the new dating app Blume. Once a match is made, the two users must exchange selfies, using the smartphone camera in-app, before any communication can begin. “The […]

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Donkey or elephant this dating app will help you find your mate

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. But it doesn’t have to. The creators of a new dating app helps singles connect based on politics to help find like-minded matches on hot-button issues like guns, abortion, gay marriage and climate change. So… Read more ›

Find A Relationship, Not Just A Hookup, With This Dating App

55 percent of Hinge users are looking to find a relationship, according to internal user surveys by the app developer. 35 percent want to find good dates. Only 5 percent admit to just wanting a hookup. That’s a huge contrast… Read more ›     

Horrible Dating Sim Objectifies Women, Treats Men Like Idiots

I’d thought I’d seen it all when it comes to misogynistic, women-as-objects gamification strategies out there, but apparently there’s yet another fine example sent directly to our Cult of Mac inbox recently. Here’s the pitch for oh-so-scintillating dating simulator, “Mingling… Read more ›     

Five iPhone Dating Horror Stories That Will Make You Glad You Don’t Have A Date This Valentine’s

Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?

iPhone use and dating don’t really mix very well. Even if you follow our Gentleman’s Guide To Using Your iPhone On A Date, you’ll still probably do something really dumb if you try to pull out an iPhone on a date. Their feelings might get hurt. Heck, your feelings might get hurt. You’re both going to walk away more sexually frustrated than ever.  [Read More…]

Location Based Dating Gets Less Scary With SinglesAroundMe

If you’re gonna flirt with technology, make sure you’re safe doing so.

Location-based dating. Spooky, right? It’s a lot like leaving personal information on little sticky notes attached to your coat; any random scary internet guy or gal can pick one off you at any moment and get in your face. Yikes!

SinglesAroundMe aims to solve that problem with a new app, available for free on both the Google Play and the  [Read More…]

Dating Tips On How To Land A Mac Lover This Valentines Day [Interview]

CC-licensed, via Unlisted Sightings on Flickr.

Life is too short to date PCs. That�s the belief of dating site Cupidtino, which since its 2010 launch has amassed 32,000 Apple aficionados. Whether you believe that affinity for a consumer electronics brand can spark romance or not, narrowing down the dating pool by trying to find some commonality can�t hurt. And Apple�s insanely great devices are as good a place to start as  [Read More…]