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My Wonderful Days iOS App Now Lets You Add Videos To Your Journal Entries

Popular universal iOS journal app My Wonderful Days has been given an update, adding several notable features. First and foremost is the ability for users to now add videos to their multimedia journals — either shooting one themselves, or else… Read more ›     

China Mobile Receives 100,000 iPhone Preorders In 2 Days

The iPhone won’t officially launch on China Mobile until January 17, but the world’s largest mobile carrier has already begun accepting preorders for the iPhone 5s and 5c. In terms of numbers, analysts Wedge Partners place the preorder figure at… Read more ›     

Scorsese’s Hugo Free With Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts App

Here’s a reason to download Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts app if you haven’t already: the latest gift — freely downloadable using the app — is Martin Scorsese’s critically-acclaimed 2011 film Hugo. The movie, based on Brian Selznick’s New York… Read more ›     

Apple Kicks Off ’12 Days Of Gifts’ With Free Justin Timberlake iTunes Festival EP

This is the first year Apple has made its 12 Days of Gifts app available for U.S customers, and to kick things off the company is giving away a free EP of Justin Timberlake’s performance at the 2013 iTunes Festival.… Read more ›     

Instapaper Daily Shows The Day’s Most Popular News Story

  One of the best things about Instapaper now being owned by Betaworks is that the developers spend their time adding new features and services instead of complaining about things on their personal blogs. And today that ethic has paid… Read more ›     

After A Hard Day’s iPadding, IonBank Charger Goes All Night [Review]

Apple EarPods are sleek and gorgeous. For most people like me though, they fallout all the time. Moshi has released its new Mythro earbuds that promise to stay in-place while still sounding good at an affordable price, so we’ve decided to put them… Read more ›     

Two Days Only – Get These Three Classic Fallout Games For Free

If you’ve never given the classic Fallout games a try, now’s your chance. GoG.com is giving three of them away for free for 48 hours, as part of the classic games digital distributor’s Winter Sale for 2013. You can get… Read more ›     

Apple Brings “12 Days Of Gifts” App To U.S. Customers For The First Time

Apple has been doing its “12 Days of Christmas” promotion for a few years now — offering iOS users a bit of Yuletide cheer in the form of free videos, songs, games, books and apps. Strangely, while this promotion has… Read more ›     

Automatically Back Up All Your Files Securely With 30 Days Of Carbonite…For FREE! #CyberMonday [Freebie]

If you’re looking for a secure online backup solution, look no further than Carbonite. There’s a reason they’re a leading provider of cloud backup solutions for home and business users in over 100 countries. And with one free month of… Read more ›     

Apple Online Store Shipping iPad Minis In Between 5 And 7 Days

Word on the street (and by “the street” we mean Tim Cook himself) was that Apple might not have enough iPad Minis to see it through this quarter — with Cult of Mac even opining that, “Good luck getting one… Read more ›