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The Heist Robs Angry Birds of Top Paid App Three Days In A Row

Unprecedented. Unthinkable. Unfathomable.

Angry Birds has been dethroned as the “Top Paid App,” in the iTunes App Store for three straight days. The culprit? A five fingered thief as puzzling as it is dastardly, The Heist.

The puzzle games Heist was downloaded over 25,000 times in its first day of release for $.99 a pop, enough to move ahead of Angry Birds. Day two was even more impressive, with the game seeing 89,798 downloads in 24  [Read More…]

White iPhone 4 Hits the App Store, Shipping 3-5 Days

App Store back online. Now Apple has just annonced the ability to buy white iPhone 4 from the App store, shipping of white iPhone 4 takes between 3-5 bussiness days.

White iPhone 4 is available for both 16GB and 32GB, About prices and specs you Click Here to check  [Read More…]

Why Next iPhone Battery will Last 30 Days [Report]

This will be pretty cool. According to TNW. Apple has been awarded a patent for the use of LiquidMetal for use with its batteries. At first that seams awkward because LiquidMetal is mainly known because it is scratch resistant, super strong, and light. Seems more pertinent to use it on the outside of a phone, right?

But why Apple will use it? A cool and science fiction style cell that would be able to power an iPhone  [Read More…]