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Like your favorite 90s song, Things by Cultured Code is the todo app that many remember fondly, but can’t deny its outdatedness. Once an app worthy of an Apple Design Award, Things has languished in its pre-iOS 7 state for far… Read more ›

This museum will have you seeing dead people

My little red-haired niece approached the casket with a single flower and placed it with the father she looks so much like. I raised my camera to my eye and made a picture. Though secure with my reasons for snapping… Read more ›

If you’re flying into or out of the United Kingdom, you’d better make sure your Android or iOS handset is fully charged. With the U.S. government recently announcing that all airline passengers with personal electronics devices will now be required… Read more ›

If you’re even slightly pop culture savvy, chances are that you’re a fan of The Walking Dead. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to known that the latest episode of Telltale Games’ superb The Walking Dead adventure game series… Read more ›

Samsung Email: Steve’s Dead, Let’s Attack iPhone

The Apple vs Samsung legal battle has been full of low points for both companies as they spare for global domination, but an email from Samsung’s VP of Sales fired off just two days after Steve Jobs’ death shows how… Read more ›

Developer Parsec Productions’ PC horror title Slender: The Eight Pages was one of my favorite games of 2012. It packs an impressive amount of horror and suspense into a very simple idea — being lost in the woods while an… Read more ›     

The second season of The Walking Dead: The Game is well underway, with the launch of Episode 2, “A House Divided” on the 4th of this month. It’s ready for download as an in-app purchase on the Mac version of… Read more ›     

Any technology maker — let alone one the size of Apple — is going to have various moral predicaments to deal with. Recently Apple was accused of showing an “utter lack of understanding and discretion†after refusing to unlock a… Read more ›     

After enjoying a wild ride as one of the most popular iPhone games ever, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen removed the game from both the App Store and Google Play yesterday, but if you missed the rise of Flappy Bird… Read more ›     

In an era where Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme with quick messaging and bit-size snapshots of stories, iPhone users looking for a free platform to share long stories have had to make do with ugly work arounds – like stuffing… Read more ›