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Apple signed a secret 4K video deal with Sony in 2013

Apple may not have any immediate plans to support 4K content in its next-generation Apple TV, but if true, the decision wasn’t one the company came to lightly without weighing up all the options. In fact, according to a document leaked… Read more ›

The announcement of Apple Music last week was certain to stir up a bit of controversy, and sure enough some corners of the music industry are starting to speak out against the (arguably harsh) terms Apple’s dictated. Among them is… Read more ›

The new Apple TV streaming service might not be launching as soon as we hoped, but when it does, CBS will probably be part of the package. CBS CEO Les Moonves made an appearance at Recode’s Code Conference and revealed… Read more ›

If you’ve got an extra $ 14,000 – $ 18,500 sitting around, you might consider grabbing yourself one of these bad boys from Japanese manufacturer ELP. The ELP Laser Turntable promises the best in fidelity when playing your precious vinyl records because… Read more ›

Apple is planning its own cable-free TV service for a fall launch, and it’s pulling out all the stops to lure potential content partners. According to a new report, networks Apple is courting have been offered complete access to viewer… Read more ›

Why Apple joining the Dow Jones is a big deal

On March 19, the world’s most valuable company will join the world’s top stock index. In a feat of great irony, Apple is replacing none other than AT&T on the Dow Jones Industrial Average this month. And even if you… Read more ›

Ever since Apple replaced Google Maps with its own solution there have been rumors that Google Search might be next on the chopping block. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer has called the Safari search deal one of the premiere search deals in… Read more ›

Apple’s new solar farm is a really big deal

Tim Cook made a big stand for climate change yesterday by announcing Apple’s plan to invest $ 850 million in a solar farm that will power the company’s Cupertino campus as well as all retail operations in California. “We know at… Read more ›

This year has been an amazing one at Cult of Mac Deals, where we have offered dozens of training opportunities that will make you a better developer. Start 2015 off right by learning a new skill or upgrading the skills… Read more ›

Great Apple deals can be hard to come by on Black Friday, but here’s a nice exception: If you’re looking to get your hands on an Apple TV, Staples is having a killer deal, selling Apple’s set-top streaming media box… Read more ›