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Enter the world of iOS 9 by building apps for iPhone and Apple Watch [Deals]

Apple Watch is changing the face (pun intended) of user interaction and design. But developing its next generation of apps also requires having a foot in the still-vibrant world of iOS. Lucky for you budding Watch whizzes, we’ve found a bundle of 5 courses that bridge the worlds of wearable and mobile development, by teaching […]

Save up to 50% on some of our favorite MFi-certified lightning cables [Deals]

Let’s face it – your stock, rubberized Lightning cable often comes up short and just doesn’t last very long. Whatever the gripe, the durable, extra-long and versatile alternatives in this roundup will meet your mobile-charging needs. Titan MFi-Certified Lightning Cable – 28% off There’s no such thing as ‘too tough’ when it comes to your charging cable, but […]

Repair your electronics with iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set and Jimmy Tool Bundle [Deals]

With today’s tech, the general rule seems to be that if it’s broke you can’t fix it. But perhaps you could, if you just had the tools to work with the micro-sized, specialized screws and airtight seams of phones, computers, gaming consoles, and the like. Most of those tools for access are in this excellent bundle from […]

These deals on useful gear and gadgets end soon [Deals]

This week’s soon-to-end deals have got something for everybody. Whether you want to tell animated stories, guard your online and physical wallets, or keep your groove going at the gym, these are all offers worth jumping on before it’s too late. Mpow 3-Port Intelligent Car Charger – 80% off This sleek 3-port USB charging hub keeps […]

Save 86% on the Mac app that analyzes and optimizes your Wi-Fi [Deals]

For many of us, when our Wi-Fi connection drops out it’s time to freak out. Whether you work from home or in a sprawling office, common things like fluorescent bulbs, microwaves, even an inconveniently placed wall can disrupt an internet connection…

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Master the worlds of Adobe and web design with a lifetime of lessons [Deals]

From Photoshop to Flash, Adobe’s software products are a key part of the digital media ecosystem. Mastering a set of tools as wide ranging as theirs takes a lot of time, which is exactly what the Lifetime Subscription to Adobe Training…

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Exclusive: Learn to build apps for iOS 9 before it launches [Deals]

iOS 9 is still in beta, but you can get ahead of the curve and under the hood of Apple’s powerful new mobile OS before its official launch. In a Cult of Mac Deals exclusive, the iOS 9 Swift Coding…

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This next-gen light bulb is full of futuristic features, and it saves money [Deals]

We’re still waiting for our jetpacks, but at least today’s lightbulbs are properly futuristic. The best example of how far lighting has come is the ilumi A21 Bluetooth Smartbulb, a super-efficient LED light that sports features straight out of sci-fi. And right…

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Get the complete Learn to Design Course Bundle for 93% off [Deals]

Even if you’re a specialist in an area of digital design, understanding the basics in other parts of the wide field of UX/UI, web, game and mobile design will vastly expand your perspective and marketability. A broader outlook is just what you’ll get from Udemy’s Learn to Design 2015 Course Bundle,…

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Best gadget deals of the week: Get 45% off the light bulb of the future, 44% off extending your GoPro’s reach, and more [Deals]

      This week saw some prime deals at Cult of Mac. Check out the slashed prices on high quality bluetooth headphones, indestructible cables for your iPhone or Apple Watch, and plenty more. ilumi Bluetooth Smartbulb – 45% off…

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