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Apple Stores Across The Country Closing Shop To Observe Steve Jobs’ Death

Apple Stores around the country are tastefully drawing white curtains across their windows and observing the life of co-founder Steve Jobs streamed live from Apple HQ. We’re trying to get insider reports on what will be going on inside, stay tuned. [image via ohwaititsmango]

iPhone 4S Passes Death Grip Scrutiny So Far

Shortly after the iPhone 4 was released during the summer of 2010, the first serious “iPhone scandal” – sans the lost prototype debacle – manifested in a little something that came to be known as the “death grip” phenomenon. Many – but not all users – began reporting dropped calls and total loss of signal whenever they touched (with bare hands) a particularly sensitive part of the handset, thereby exploiting an apparent weakness in the  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs’ Official Cause of Death Was Respiratory Arrest and Pancreatic Tumor

Steve Jobs’ death certificate has been officially released, according to Bloomberg. His exact time and cause of death is documented in the certificate. Jobs suffered from a rare form of pancreatic cancer that publicly surfaced for the first time in 2004. In April of 2009, Jobs underwent a dangerous liver transplant after taking his first leave of medical absence earlier that year. He continued to battle cancer while intermittently serving at Apple until his formal resignation two months ago.  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Death Certificate Reveals Cause of Death to be Respiratory Arrest Due to Metastatic Pancreatic Tumor

Steve Jobs Steve Jobs death certificate has revealed the official cause of death to be respiratory arrest, with “metastatic pancreas neuroendocrine tumor” as the underlying cause. The certificate, as mentioned by Bloomberg, also notes that the death occurred five years after the onset of the tumor, which suggests that Jobs had a recurrence of cancer sometime in 2006. Mr Jobs was initially diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Planned Out 4 Years of New Products Before Death, Apple’s Future Will “Blow Your Mind”

One More Thing... & Steve Jobs “I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.” That is what Steve Jobs said in his resignation letter from August, and now, despite his passing, we’re starting to understand why. Citing sources within Apple, the DailyMail says that Steve Jobs carefully planned out four years of new products for the company to release. They specifically cite new iPod, iPad, iPhone, and  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Watched iPhone 4S Launch From Death Bed

We don’t have many details, but we have it from a good source that Steve Jobs watched the launch of the iPhone 4S from his death bed. A special private video stream was set up for him to watch the event from home. According to our source: “At the end of the show, he smiled as if to say ‘All things are in good hands’ but did not utter a  [Read More…]

Apple’s Board Of Directors May Need New Blood After Jobs’ Death [Report]

When Steve Jobs was Chairman of Apple’s Board of Directors, the group was seen more as advisors. Now, post-Jobs and led by CEO Tim Cook, the tech goliath may consider picking an outsider to oversee Apple’s next chapter, according to a Friday report. The board of directors could be strengthened if Apple brought in someone not hand-picked by Jobs, one analyst told Reuters. A new director could provide “healthy tension” between  [Read More…]

Apple Knew Steve Jobs Was On His Death Bed At iPhone 4S Event, Worked With Local Police To Prepare

Apple was aware that Steve Jobs was on his deathbed at the subdued iPhone 4S announcement. Not only that, but they met with police in Palo Alto, California earlier in the week to notify them that Steve Jobs was close to death, and to arrange for additional security around his home.   Bloomberg reports: Following the meeting, the police devised a plan to put patrols in the area around the  [Read More…]

Facebook Scam Has Already Claimed 21,000 Victims by Exploiting Steve Jobs’ Death

Scammers have already taken to Facebook to exploit the death of Steve Jobs. PandaLabs has “detected a malicious link” on Facebook that was making the rounds earlier and claiming victims. The page was called “R.I.P. Steve Jobs” and a link on the page claimed that 50 free iPads were being given away “in memory of Steve Jobs.” This was obviously a scam, but it seems that over 21,000 Facebook users have already been  [Read More…]

Following His Death, Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Is Coming Out In Just Three Weeks

Following this morning’s new that the authorized biography of Steve Jobs had rocketed up the Amazon book charts, its publishers, Simon & Schuster, have announced that the title’s release date has been brought forward to October 24. Simply titled Steve Jobs, the book is written by Walter Isaacson, and was originally scheduled to ship on November 21. Just this morning we reported that the pre-orders for the book through Amazon had soared by  [Read More…]