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Early Investor Reaction To Steve Jobs’ Death Mixed: “Apple Risks Becoming An Ordinary Company Without Him.”

Photo by Craig S – http://flic.kr/p/4qVSGp

Reaction on Wall Street and elsewhere to the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Wednesday night is mixed. Analysts appear to be walking a fine line between reassuring worried investors and discounting the contribution Jobs made to the tech giant.   High profile Apple watcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray stressed CEO Tim Cook would continue the tradition set by the iconic Apple leader. “While  [Read More…]

Check Out The New Blue Screen of Death In Windows 8

Here’s the new Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8, which Microsoft is previewing this week at its Build conference. It’s been transformed into a sad face emoticon. Reminds me of the old Happy Mac but, well, sadder. Bigger version after the jump. Via Arnold Kim’s Twitter stream.   The big version is here.

The Death of the iPod Classic Might Be Imminent As Shipping Times In Europe Slip

Apple’s been keeping the venerable iPod Classic on life support for years without changing a thing, but now, Apple Bitch says shipping times are starting to slip in Europe, implying a very uncharacteristic lack of availability for a very out-of-demand product. Does that mean Apple’s about to kill off the Classic once and for all? At the Classic’s current capacity, there’d be no reason to keep it around anymore if  [Read More…]

Black Screen Of Death Plagues Some Mac Users After Lion Update

Apple is allegedly investigating complaints from some Mac OS X Lion users about system crashes related to graphics or sleep/wake issues on various Macs. Users that complain about the problem say that a person will see their Mac suddenly crash and display a black screen or a kernel panic. One common situation surrounding the problem is that some sort of graphics event is taking place or that the crash may take  [Read More…]

Worst Unauthorized Apple Giveaway Ever? iPod Awarded to Woman who Guessed Amy Winehouse Death

Of all the product tie-ins Apple never approved, getting an iPod for predicting a death has got to be the worst. Cynical journos have long had newsroom betting pools on when public figures would meet their makers but website The bare-bones site features pics of the singer at her most disheveled and out-of-sorts along with a form inciting readers to “use the form to guess Amy’s final breath and  [Read More…]

Bin Laden Death fake [Videos]

Discussed in this note, the photo of bin Landen death was a fake. A photo montage done very well since everyone has been fooled (including me) for a short time it’s true. I think a true picture will be announced later by the United States.Bin Laden fake death photo and Videos after The break .. [Via]

Consumer Reports ‘Lab Tests’ Find Death Grip in Verizon iPhone

Our friends at Consumer Reports are at it again. On Friday, the venerable consumer advocate publication took aim at the Verizon iPhone. As with its "lab tests" that similarly prompted the magazine to withdraw its recommendation of the iPhone 4 at the height of Antennagate, the publication is once again slamming the popular Apple smartphone. This time, the Verizon iPhone is the target. Quote: The Verizon iPhone 4 has a problem that could cause the phone to drop calls, or  [Read More…]