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Apple decides it’s time to start handing out Apple Watch 2 orders

There may be disagreement over when exactly it’s arriving, but Apple’s confident enough about its Apple Watch 2 plans to start divvying up component orders to the different companies in its supply chain. In keeping with its recent strategy, Apple is looking to diversify its supply chain for the second-gen wearable by taking on additional […]

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Apple Decides Not To Kill Always On VPN For iOS Devices



Apple has reversed its decision to change the way iOS devices handle connections with Virtual Private Networks (VPN), now that its patent lawsuit with VirnetX has concluded. Earlier this month, Apple said it plans to kill the “Always” feature for iOS devices with VPN On Demand configured, by rolling out a software update that would kill the feature on shipped devices.

Apple proposed that users would just have to use the  [Read More…]

AT&T Decides To Allow FaceTime Over LTE On iPhone 5 And iPad, But You Still Need A Mobile Share Plan On 3G


AT&T received a lot of negative attention in the press when it announced that it would restrict the use of FaceTime over cellular on Apple devices running iOS 6. Instead of letting anyone use the video chat feature no matter the device or data plan, AT&T decided to keep FaceTime limited to customers with new Mobile Share plans. This meant that traditional data plan customers, including those with grandfathered  [Read More…]

U.K. Court Decides Samsungs Galaxy Tabs Do Not Infringe Apples iPad Designs

The iPad alongside Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Apple has been handed yet another blow in a U.K. courtroom after theHigh Court of England & Wales sided with Samsung today and decided that the Korean company’s Galaxy Tab series does not infringe Apple’s designs. The judge said Samsung’s products are recognizably different to Apple’s, and are therefore free to remain on sale in the U.K.

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Fun Game: An Unexpected Guest Decides to Hang Out With YouAgainst Your Will!

Otherworld - Spring of Shadows Every week Mac Games and More features a fun, casual game you can play over the weekend. This weeks selection has you getting out into the countryside for some peace and quiet but thats the last thing you find once you arrive Download it now   Otherworld - Spring of ShadowsOtherworld Spring of Shadows(hidden objects) When you begin playing this hidden objects game, you take  [Read More…]

Apple Decides Hate Isnt A Christian Value, Pulls iTunes From Christian Value Network

For years, Apple has been affiliated with a little online shopping portal called CVN.org, otherwise known as the Christian Value Network. The site raises money for various religious groups by taking a small slice of product purchases at over 600 participating companies, including Apple and iTunes. Sounds innocuous, right? Except that several of those religious groups are described as active hate groups that regularly engage in anti-gay, anti-women activities. And after a petition that garnered 22,000 signatures, Apple has yanked  [Read More…]