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How to Decrypt External Drives on Mac

For Mac users who encrypt external hard drives and USB flash drives, there may come a time when you want to remove the password protection and decrypt the external device. Decrypting an external drive allows all data on the drive to be accessed without the password authentication, effectively turning off any protection on the target … Read More

Disabling FileVault to Decrypt Mac Hard Disks

While enabling and using FileVault disk encryption is highly recommended for security-conscious Mac users with modern hardware and SSD volumes, some users may decide they do not need to use FileVault for a variety of reasons, or perhaps they just want to disable it for another purpose. That’s what we’re going to demonstrate here, disabling … Read More

Encrypt & Decrypt Files from the Command Line with OpenSSL

Encrypt and Decrypt files with OpenSSL

Need to quickly encrypt a file from the command line? With OpenSSL, you can encrypt and decrypt files very easily.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, we�ll use des3 encryption, which in simple terms means a complex encryption algorithm is applied three times to each data block, making it difficult to crack through brute force methods. While we�re focusing on Mac OS X here, these commands  [Read More…]