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How to Use Deep Fusion on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Camera

Deep Fusion is a camera technology from Apple that aims to increase detail of a photograph snapped on iPhone. The Deep Fusion Camera feature is currently only available on the newest phones like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, but unlike many other new camera features for these iPhones, like ultra … Read More

Dive into this deep well of digital developer knowledge [Deals]

If you’re considering making the smart move of expanding your skillset to include digital development, today’s your lucky day. SitePoint Premium is a massive library of courses, videos and e-books aimed at web developers, designers, and other digital professionals looking to learn or refine their chops. Their web development books are known for being written […]

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VR porn site plunges you deep into some adult situations

People (likely men) who are down with porn and not embarrassed about watching it through a hunk of cardboard on their heads are about to have a very good day. A new adult-entertainment site launched today that is specifically geared…Read more ›

Fallout Shelter digs deep to get to the top

Post-apocalyptic free-to-play iOS game Fallout Shelter is proving that engaging gameplay and treating your players like valued customers pays of huge dividends. Developer Bethesda today revealed that the game, only just released, has pushed aside all other takers in the…Read more ›

Go down with the ship: Titanic game goes deep on history

Video games let us experience murderous rampages, violent carjackings and the horrors of war. But should virtual entertainment take us through a real-life tragedy with depictions of the actual people who lost their lives? The developers of Titanic: Honor and…Read more ›

Mac app madness: Get deep discounts on TuneUp, CrossOver and more! [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals is all about making your life easier on the cheap. Today, we want to highlight a few amazing deals on Mac apps that we think will make you more productive and won’t break the bank. We…Read more ›

OS X 10.10 Inside Look: Yosemite’s beauty isn’t just skin deep

Apple finally revealed the latest version of OSX this past Monday at WWDC, with one of the biggest updates for the operating system in years. In today’s video take a quick look at OSX Yosemite in action with your host…Read more ›

Custom build your next deep pan with Domino’s app for iPad

Remember the olden days when you had to phone up and order a pizza — or worse still, trudge down the road to go and pick one up in person? Thankfully that dystopian past will be well and truly over…Read more ›

Deep Sci-Fi RPG Evolution Slams Its Way To The App Store

Evolution, just released on the App Store, is looking like a badass free-to-play science fiction role-playing game with real style. Build your base to collect resources, battle with your character in real time, solve environmental puzzles, and upgrade everything–weapons, armor,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ashton Kutcher Drops Some Deep Steve Jobs Quotes At The Teen Choice Awards

ashton-kutcher-as-steve-jobsSo, Ashton Kutcher, right? His first name is actually Chris. He met up with about a bazillion teen fans at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards last night to receive the Ultimate Choice Award Recipient from the kid-centric cable network, and told them some deep stuff. First up, according to Kutcher, is that “opportunities look a lot […]

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