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Marvin Reader App Dives Deeper Into E-books [Review]

Neat, clear and clever: Marvin for iOS.

Marvin is a neat little e-book reader for iOS – free for now, but likely to cost about $ 2 by next week. It’s packed with useful features for serious readers and students, plus some ingenious new ideas we’ve not seen in other e-book reading apps.

Note from the outset that Marvin only reads ePub files – widely used and very popular, but not the  [Read More...]

The New York Times recently said that Apple was considering a multi-million dollar investment in Twitter. The report was then refuted by other publications, including The Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ, Apple’s investment talks with Twitter were more than a year old. It seemed odd that Apple, a company known for rarely buying (much less investing in) other companies, would pump so much money in a financially-healthy startup like Twitter.

In  [Read More...]