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iPhone 6s defeats $3k Nikon DSLR in 4K video battle

It’s no secret that the iPhone 6s is a pretty darn great camera, but how does it compare to a professional DSLR like the Nikon D750? In a recent 4K video shootout, YouTuber Lee Morris of Fstoppers decided to compare the two and, wouldn’t you know it, found that Apple’s next-gen handset pretty much owns the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPad lock defeats ram-raiding thief

When it comes to security and tamper-resistant devices, nothing beats the testimonial of a failed burglary attempt caught on camera. A robber, who recently rammed his truck into an Australian electronics store, hit a snag when he tried to swipe an iPad encased in a double-lock kiosk made by Maclocks. Security camera footage shows him […][Read More…]

Apple defeats patent trolls in courtroom combat

Chalk one up for Cupertino! A federal jury in Texas (where else?) said on Monday that Apple didn’t infringe on five wireless tech patents belonging to the patent licensing company Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc. The verdict comes as a relief,…Read more ›

MacDefender New Malware Defeats Latest Mac OS X Security Update

A week ago a document surfaced on Apple’s website which said that the company planned on releasing a Mac OS X software update in the next couple of days to automatically detect and remove MacDefender, a popular malware that has infected Mac machines at large.Well Apple did release the latest Mac OS X security update, but a new version of MacDefender is already out defeating the security update and still infecting Macs. [Read More…]