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Defective part slows Apple Watch rollout

The Apple Watch has been in short supply ever since its hype-filled launch, and a new report claims it’s all the Taptic Engine’s fault. Defects in the key Apple Watch component were found in the Apple’s supply chain, severely limiting…Read more ›

Apple not replacing all batteries on iPhone 5 defective list

Earlier this week it was announced that Apple was replacing certain iPhone 5 models, sold between September 2012 and January 2013, due to a problem related to the devices’ battery life. According to certain¬†customers, however, things are not quite as…Read more ›

Foxconn Could Take Up To $1.6B Hit As Apple Rejects 5-8 Million Defective iPhones [Report]


A Chinese paper is reporting that Apple and Foxconn may have had a staggering setback in the production of the iPhone, with up to eight million iPhones returned to Foxconn because they didn’t meet Apple’s standards.

According to China Business, between five and eight million iPhones — probably the iPhone 5, and not the upcoming iPhone 5S — were returned to Foxconn in mid-March due to production problems, like “a  [Read More…]

Apple Offering Free Replacements for Defective 2011 iMac Hard Drives

With the launch of any major software release, you can always expect a few bugs to pop up here and there, but you donít usually have to worry about a month old hard drive crashing. That is unless you were unlucky enough to have purchased an iMac equipped with Seagate 1TB hard drive between May and July 2011. ďApple has determined that a very small number of Seagate 1TB hard drives used in 21.5-inch and  [Read More…]