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Attorney general defends iPhone hacking on Stephen Colbert’s show

With a growing number of people siding with Apple in its privacy standoff with the U.S. government, United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted some damage control last night by appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to defend the FBI’s position. Check out her appearance below. Among other topics, Lynch discussed whether or not Apple […]

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Tim Cook defends faltering Chinese economy

Tim Cook has stuck his neck out again in support of the Chinese economy, saying that Apple will continue to pour money into the market, despite a slowing stock market and economy. “I know some people are worried about the economy,” Cook said in an interview with the Chinese Xinhua news agency. “We’ll continue to invest. China […]

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Steve Jobs defends Apple from the grave in iPod lawsuit

  The $ 350 million class action lawsuit against Apple might not even have a legitimate plaintiff anymore, but the trial continued in Oakland today with one of the key witnesses being none other than Steve Jobs himself. The late Apple…Read more ›

Slash defends U2′s unique deal with Apple

Former Guns ‘N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash has spoken out about U2′s poorly-received iTunes album giveaway. During an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock magazine, Slash praised the move as a clever marketing strategy, noting that: “There’s a lot less opportunities…Read more ›

Tim Cook Defends Apple’s Offshore Cash Hoard Before Senate Hearing


Tim Cook is going to Washington to testify before a Senate committee next week, but the Apple CEO is pulling a rare move for the company and going on the offensive early by giving media interviews to explain its position.

During an interview with Politico, Cook addressed the controversy surrounding Apple’s cash hoard by explaining where its offshore cash comes from, how Apple plans to bring more manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.,  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Defends Steve Jobs on Philanthropy

During the last decade of his fabled run as chief executive officer of Apple, the late Steve Jobs often faced biting criticisms in the press and from others in business and technology for not being more outwardly philanthropic. In other words, Steve Jobs didn’t flaunt his charitable gestures as ostentatiously as his many of his contemporaries had. As a result, Jobs was labeled by some as a billionaire who turned his back on philanthropy. New  [Read More…]