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Déjà vu: Apple and Samsung working together to end patent war

Like warring divorcees who are trying to make it work “for the kids” Apple and Samsung are reportedly attempting to find “common ground” that will let them end their ongoing legal battles. The report comes from the Korea Times, which…Read more ›

If You Miss LiveClock, ‘Clockify’ Will Bring You Dj Vu and More!

Unfortunately LiveClock, the tweak that animated your Clock application to display the real time, never did see an update for iOS 5. However, with a new jailbreak tweak dubbedClockify, by iOS developerNikos Lykousas, you can get this functionality back on iOS 5 with much more than LiveClock ever did offer. Clockify brings the same wonderful animated clock effect right to your home screen, by making your Clock application display the same time that you see  [Read More…]