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Meet the delicious future of emoji: ligatures

Apple is making revolutionary breakthroughs in emoji technology with racially diverse emoji in iOS 8.3. For their next innovative addition, wouldn’t it be great if multiple emoji could be joined together as a single icon? Designers Alexa Grafera and Louie Mantia…Read more ›

This bacon looks so delicious you won’t believe it’s not real

What does the bacon above have in common with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have in common? Both were created with 3D animation software called Houdini by Toronto-based Side Effects Software. The newest release is coming next month, and, as you…Read more ›

Make Delicious iPhone Clones With The i-Cookie Cutter

Quick! If you want to bake iPhone-shaped cookies, you should grab this i-Cookie Cutter from ThinkGeek before Samsung buys them all up to help it make more iPhone clones. The stainless-steel cutter will cut out a round-rect of cookie dough…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mozilla: It Doesn’t Matter How “Delicious” Apple And Android Are, We Need More Options

And one of those options is supposed to be Firefox OS.

And one of those options is supposed to be Firefox OS.

Yesterday we showed you the ZTE Open, the first entry-level smartphone running Mozilla’s new Firefox OS. Other companies, like Sony, are planning to release Firefox OS phones as well. Mozilla has been trying to get the word out at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

During a recent talk at MWC, Mozilla  [Read More…]

Your iPhone Can Now Test If Your Delicious Organic Beef Is Really Organic With This Accessory

Scientific instruments usually look crazy weird and aren’t designed to be user-friendly for the every day, non-scientist man. Lapka is looking to change that with their beautifully designed, semi-affordable Personal Environmental Monitor.

Lapka allows iPhone users to attach four differentmeasuringinstruments which can test for radiation, nitrates, humidity, and electromagnetic frequency, so you can create a perfect climate in your home, make sure your food is truly organic, find the perfect spot  [Read More…]

This Amazing TacoCopter App Will Airlift Delicious Tacos To You Using Robot Drones [Humor]

These are the taco droids you are looking for

Picture this: Youre at the park, playing with your dog, and anoverwhelminghunger cripples you. God you need some tacos, but the nearest joint is 3 miles away, and they dont like dogs. Dont worry bro, TacoCopter is here to rescue you from your perils. Well it might be.I have no idea if this thing is real or not, but everything inside  [Read More…]

This Taiwanese Bakery Sells Cakes That Are Packaged Just Like Delicious iPhones [Gallery]

For a company named after natures candy, Apples releases a surprising lack of edible products. Thats not likely to change any time soon, but if youd like a cake or a bit of pastry with Apples eye for style and incredible packaging design, look no further than this incredible Taiwanese bakery.   The product above is called the iFong, which means pineapple fruit, and each box designed, as youll note, after Apples  [Read More…]

Everything You Need to Know About the Delicious Food that Apple Serves Its Employees

Apple is known for quality. Quality products, quality design, quality talent Apple has it all. Unsurprisingly, Apple also serves quality food to its Cupertino employees. Apples main 1InfiniteLoop campus is home to a world class cafeteria called Caffe Macs. An Apple employee named James at Caffe Macs has spilled the beans oneverythingyou could every want to know about Apples cafeteria, including lots of yummy food and a run-in with Steve  [Read More…]