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Jony Ive hand delivered Sam Smith’s custom ‘iWatch’

Apple is starting to toss Apple Watches at celebrities like its viagra at the Playboy mansion. Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld just flashed his custom gold link bracelet on Instagram, now Sam Smith is showing off his new timepiece hand delivered by…

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An iPhone 6 ordered online will now be delivered in a week or less

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been one of the hardest iPhones to date to pick up in store, and since launch, shipping times have stayed high. But as we approach the holidays, that seems like it’s finally…

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Apple’s New iPhones To Be Delivered To U.K. Retailers For September 20 Launch [Rumor]

iPhone-5-Apple-Store-1024x768Apple will begin delivering its new iPhones to retailers in the United Kingdom ahead of the handset’s launch on Friday, September 20, according to sources close to courier companies who have been speaking to The Telegraph. The Cupertino company has reportedly scheduled two “bookings” in anticipation of the early demand — but how many iPhones will be […]

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Haunting Melissa, A Horror Series Delivered Via Push Notification

Haunting Melissa is a horror “movie” which is dripped into your real, everyday life by your iPad or your iPhone. Instead of sitting down for an hour and a half and watching the story unfold, the story comes in episodes.

The twist is that the snippets are delivered at unexpected times, and you’re told about them through push notifications sent to your iDevice.

Veteran storyteller Neal Edelstein has reinvented filmmaking in a way that brings the power of  [Read More…]

FedEx & UPS Warn NY, NJ & Other Sandy States Their iPad Minis Might Not Be Delivered Tomorrow

Although Hurricane Sandy passed through the Northeastern United States on Monday, the aftermath is still being felt three days later. Not only is New York City still flooded and thousands still without power and electricity in many states, but FedEx and UPS are still experiencing disruptions to their delivery services.

What does this mean? If you live in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia,  [Read More…]

Retina MacBook Pro Now In Stock On Apple Online Store, Can Be Delivered Within 2-3 Days

Order today, get it by the weekend.

The Retina MacBook Pro is now “in stock” on the Apple online store for the first time since its release at WWDC on June 11. The device, which was delayed by up to four weeks for some time after its launch, can now be delivered within five business days with free, standard shipping � or within 2-3 business days with $ 15 shipping.

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Apple To Build Massive Store In Grand Central Terminal [Signed, Sealed, Delivered]

Apple will build its biggest store yet in Grand Central Terminal, in the space currently occupied by Charlie Palmer’s Metrazur restaurant on the upper balcony.

Just as we exclusively reported last year (and no one believed us), Apple will build one of its biggest retail stores yet in New York�s Grand Central Terminal.

Apple has signed a 10-year lease�with New York�s Metropolitan Transportation Authority to build a whopping 23,000-square-feet store on  [Read More…]

Future iOS Updates May Be Delivered Over the Air

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The days of cumbersome and lengthy iOS updates via the standard USB-to-computer iTunes connection may be coming to an end, possibly before the end of the year. The blogosphere is buzzing this morning with speculation born of new revelations from “sources” speaking in confidence to our friends at 9 to 5 Mac. According to information they possess, Apple is planning to deliver iOS updates over the air  [Read More…]