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Apple And Other Tech Giants Will Run National Print Ad Demanding NSA Reforms

Since revelations of NSA eavesdropping surfaced earlier this year with the Edward Snowden leaks, Apple has been at the forefront of a tech company push-back demanding reforms. The company is joining a number of other industry giant — including Google,…

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Apple In Trouble In Brazil For Demanding iTunes Payments In U.S. Dollars

Apple is all about the dollars; something that usually pleases its shareholders no end. However that same behavior may be exactly what has wound up getting the company on the wrong side of Brazil’s Consumer Protection Secretariat department. The ministry…

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Apple’s Open Letter Demanding NSA Surveillance “Accountability”

Apple had added its name to an open letter from the tech industry — also signed by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, AOL and Yahoo! — demanding “oversight and accountability” of NSA surveillance. The letter, sent Thursday, was addressed to the sponsors…

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