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Rush Limbaugh: People Are Depressed About The iPhone 5

“Everybody’s convinced they know what it’s gonna be, and it’s like Santa Claus.”

You gotta give it to Rush Limbaugh; at least he’s candid. During his radio show today, he decided to talk about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. According to emails from his listeners, people are “depressed about the new iPhone.” Why? Because we already know everything about it! The 4-inch screen, LTE, slimmer design — it’s all just meh.

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Media’s Initial Response to Original iPad Unveiling Left Jobs Depressed

The amount of information held within Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs apparently is astounding. Another portion of the biography leaked detailing how Jobs personally handled the negative backlash against the iPad immediately after its unveiling. For those who don’t remember, the iPad faced unmatched hype, coverage, and speculation leading up to the devices unveiling. Not since the iPhone had something been so eagerly anticipated. It seemed, to those that cared, to those that followed  [Read More…]