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Use an iPad as a Desk Workstation with Stand and Keyboard for $35

Want to use an iPad like a desktop workstation? With a couple of low-cost third party accessories, you can easily do just that and quickly setup a functional environment for using an iPad at a desk kind of like a mini-computer. All you need is an iPad stand and an external keyboard, and you’re good … Read More

Transform your regular desk into a healthier standing one with this sturdy add-on

Lust List: Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation by Ergotron I’ve got a love/hate relationship with standing desks. While I love the health benefits of standing, I seriously cannot stand at my desk all day every day. It needs to be easily adjustable. Also, not all of us have the space for yet another desk in our homes […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Custom Lego minifigs put Jobs, Woz, and Cook on your desk

A company that specializes in making Lego-ized versions of tech-world giants is offering minifigures based on Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, current CEO Tim Cook, and some people who work for other companies, if you want to be all diverse about it. The figures won’t even set you back that much, really. Depending […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Mac Setup: The Desk of a Professional Panographer

This featured Mac setup John L., a professional panographer who has a great workstation complete with a furry visitor / assistant to keep the desk cozy. Let’s learn a bit more about the hardware and software that gets put to use: What hardware is in your setup? Mac Pro (2013 model) Mac Pro (2010 model) … Read More

This cool gadget puts the weather outside into a box on your desk

The best way to check the weather is usually pulling up an app or website, turning on a TV, or simply going to a window and looking outside. But what if you had a gorgeous device on your desk that…Read more ›

Mac Setup: The Dual-Screen Desk of a Software Engineer

It’s time for another featured Mac setup! This time around we’re sharing the dual-screen desk workstation of developer Carlos P., let’s dive right in to learn more about the hardware and what iOS and OS X apps are put to use: What do you use your Apple gear for? I’m a software engineer so I … Read More

Stir’s M1 is the smartest standing desk yet

Sitting is bad for you. A quick Google search will show tons of research on how standing throughout the day makes you significantly healthier and possibly even extend your life. Thanks to the scientific community’s heightned focus on sitting’s negative side…Read more ›

HumanScale’s HealthKit desk tells you when you’re being lazy at work

LAS VEGAS — I’ve had a standing desk for two years now, and while it’s practically the greatest piece of furniture to ever enter my life, I somehow forget to actually stand at it while working. Humanscale is all too…Read more ›

Mac Setup: The Desk of a Senior Scientist & FPGA Developer

It’s time for another featured Mac setup! This time we’re sharing the workstation of Daniel W., a Senior Scientist and FPGA Developer who has a great Mac desk to learn a bit more about: What hardware is included in your Mac setup? At work I have a MacBook Pro (Mid-2012) with 16 GB of DDR3 … Read More

Mac Setup: The Mac & PC Desk of an IT Consultant

It has been a little while since we’ve posted a featured Mac setup, but we’re back at it again with this weeks featured workstation. This time we’re going to share the desk setup of Richard R., who uses OS X, iOS, and Ubuntu Linux to run and operate his own IT consulting company out of … Read More