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How to Get Dynamic Desktops on Any Version of Mac OS – Without Mojave!

Dynamic Desktops are an interesting feature in MacOS Mojave that cause the desktop wallpaper to change throughout the day with the time, mimicking the changes in lighting that would occur in a scene as the day and night progresses. It’s a subtle but cool feature that brings some life to an otherwise static wallpaper. But … Read More

Maybe tablets were better than desktops all along

With Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms growing closer in iOS 8 and Yosemite, I started wondering: Is the laptop inherently better for computing than a tablet, or does it just seem that way because we’re so used to the folding…Read more ›

Move Windows, Apps, & Desktops Between Multiple Displays in OS X

Multiple Display window management with Mission Control in Mac OS X

Mission Control is the excellent window management utility in OS X that lets you get a quick overview of everything you have open. While Mission Control has always been able to drag windows and apps between different virtual desktop Spaces, a new ability has been added to OS X Mavericks that allows Mac users with multiple monitor setups to gain the  [Read More…]

Google Now Notifications Begin To Appear In Chrome For Desktops

Google-Now-notification-MacWe already know that Google is preparing to bring Google Now notifications to the desktop through its Chrome web browser; the first trace of them appeared in an early Chrome Canary release back in March. But it appears that the feature is nearing closer to its public release. Chrome users are now being presented with […]

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Qantas Upgrade Includes Replacing PCs With iPad-Friendly Virtual Desktops

Qantas has laid out an aggressive technology migration plan that could become an example for the airline industry.

Last week, we reported on the IT migration that Australian airline Qantas was undertaking. That migration and overall technology upgrade includes replacing the airline’s 1,300 BlackBerry handsets with iPhones, swapping hefty pilot flight bags for iPads, and adding an on-demand entertainment system to is fleet of Boeing 767 aircraft that’s accessed using iPads provided  [Read More…]

Move Windows Between Desktops in Mac OS X With a Click & Keyboard Shortcut

Move windows between desktops in Mac OS X with a keyboard shortcut With Desktop switching keyboard shortcuts set, you can instantly move windows between different desktops without going through Mission Control at all. The only requirement is to configure the control keys for switching desktops, and you must have multiple desktops or else you wont have anything to switch the windows between. Enable Desktop Space control keys in System Preferences >  [Read More…]

iPads Replace Desktops for Social Workers

A cash-strapped county in Ohio hopes to help social workers become more efficient by equipping them with iPads. Instead of the hand-written notes many of them now take during house calls while working with at-risk kids, they can save time by typing on the tablet computer. Dubbed Operation iPad, the $ 300,000 purchase of 187 Apple devices is considered a major upgrade for the staff at Jobs and Family Services  [Read More…]

Drag Files & Folders Between Desktops & Full Screen Apps in Mac OS X 10.7.2

Drag files and folders between Desktops in Mac OS X Lion One of the subtle changes in the Mac OS X 10.7.2 update is the ability to drag files and folders between Desktops and Full Screen apps in Mission Control. All you need to do is grab a file or folder and start pulling the item off the screen in the direction of the Desktop or app you want to bring  [Read More…]

Get Minimal Desktop Wallpapers with Simple Desktops in the Mac App Store

For fans of simple, elegant desktop wallpapers on the Mac, make sure to check out the newly-released Simple Desktops app in the Mac App Store. Based off the simpledesktops.com website, the Simple Desktops app for the Mac sits in the menubar and allows you to easily cycle through wallpapers featured on the site. Subtle and simple, the entire app lives in the menubar, so theres no need for any fussy management.  [Read More…]