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Rival smartphone makers are desperate to rip off 3D Touch

3D Touch was the single biggest selling point of the iPhone 6s, so naturally every other smartphone vendor is tripping over themselves and each other to add their own version of Apple’s pressure-sensitive iPhone feature to their next handset. Because of this, a new report claims that force sensing module shipments will grow by a […]

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Microsoft Tries To Discredit iWork As Competition, But Ends Up Looking Desperate

Yesterday Apple announced that all of its consumer software, including OS X Mavericks, is now free. Customers who buy Apple’s hardware will have full access to the completely new versions of iLife and iWork at no additional cost. It’s a bold move…Read more ›

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Microsoft Is So Desperate For You To Ditch Your iPhone It Will Happily Buy It Off You

Microsoft-iPhone-trade-inNothing makes Microsoft happier than seeing an iPhone user ditch their device for a Windows Phone smartphone. In fact, the company will even buy your iPhone off you if you promise to make the switch. Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to take your old iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 into select Microsoft stores across […]

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T-Mobile Is Desperate To Get You To Buy Your Mom An iPhone 5 For $0


Mother’s Day is in just a few days, and if your way of saying “I love you” is gadgetry, then T-Mobile thinks they have the perfect gift for you by heavily promoting its deal to get an iPhone for $ 0 down.

The deal has been running since April 12th, when the carrier rebranded itself as “The Uncarrier”. T-Mobile will ramp up the promotion by displaying prominent ads Mother’s Day iPhone  [Read More…]

Microsoft Is Becoming Increasingly Desperate For Apple To Make iTunes For Windows 8


There’s no denying that iTunes for Windows is one of the most important projects Apple has ever done. It allowed Apple to sell iPods, then iPhones, and then iPads (as well as billions of dollars worth of movies, books and music) to owners of Windows PCs at a time when the iOS ecosystem was much more tethered to the desktop than it is today.

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One Indian Carrier Is So Desperate For iPhone Customers Theyre Advertising An iPhone 4 Running Android

Even in India, carriers without Apple deals in place are going to desperate lengths to sell their inferior Android handsets as equivalent to the iPhone even going so far as to advertise this weird iPhoneDroid rip-off, which boasts the design of the iPhone 4 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread as the operating system.   Pretty funny. Were not sure if this is an actual handset or just exists in the mind  [Read More…]