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Spotify will make you pay for music by destroying its free plan

Spotify is planning to introduce a new “gated access” model that will make its free streaming plan a lot less attractive, according to a new report. Those who choose to opt out of paying for the service could see it become extremely limited, with access to just one or two songs from big album releases. […][Read More…]

Apple is destroying the competition when it comes to digital video

A new report published today by Adobe demonstrates that, when it comes to both pay TV and the devices people choose for consuming digital media, Apple trounces the competition. Having once dismissed its own Apple TV offering as just a “hobby,” the…Read more ›

Destroying Cities With Colossatron Is Pretty Darn Fun!

Australian-based developer Halfbrick is at it again, with free-to-play Colossatron: Massive World Threat, now available around the globe. You’ll take on the role of the humungous mechanical robot Colossatron on your quest to utterly destroy city after city, using various…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Bitcoin Hoax Dupes Apple Users Into Destroying Their Macs

  Looking to capitalize on the surge of Bitcoin’s popularity, some mischievous pranksters from 4chan’s random image board are trying to convince Mac users to trash their computers. The hoax claims that Apple has included Bitcoin mining software on all…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Maximize FileVault Security by Destroying Key Storage in Standby Mode

Maximum FileVault Security Standby mode is a power saving feature that automatically hibernates a Mac after it has been in sleep mode for a while, which it does to further decrease drain on battery. When a Mac using FileVault encryption is placed into standby mode, a FileVault key (yes, this key is encrypted) is stored in EFI (firmware) so that it can quickly come out of standby mode when woken from  [Read More…]

Acer: Ultrabooks Will Start Destroying iPad In 2012

Acer, the company that saw the iPad devour its Netbook market, is whistling past the graveyard again. This time, the Taiwan-based PC maker forecasts consumers will turn from tablets to Ultrabooks in 2012. Such talk could go into the same category of the Mayan calendar foreshadowing the end of the world. Ultrabooks, a fledgling category of PCs pushed by Intel designed to compete with the $ 999 lightweight MacBook Air, will  [Read More…]